Latest paintings from Sharon Winter & sculpture from this year selected artists

Sharon Winter "A Strange Woman" ........7th April - 23rd June

Potters - John Egerton, Jill Christie, George Ormeron,Nick Williams, Kit Hemsley, Elizabeth Bailey, Steve Tootell, Janice Whitby, Alan Ball, Ank de Roo, Nichola Hanman, Norman Brown,Fumi Fuyushiba, Ken Taylor, Laura Hancock, Catherine boygne-Whitelegg, Kit Hemsley, Terence Bunce.

Exhibition opening

Lady Ayckbourn opens the exhibtion

Sharon with one of the guests

Sharon with Heather and fellow artists,

Shirley Sheppard, Jill Christie, John Egerton


Sharon Winter works

Prices from £250 to £400

Potted pinks 1 SOLD

Stepping Out

Potted pinks 2


The Boatmaker


The Potting Shed

Which way to France


The Monks Walk

Out on the windy Moor


Shirley Sheppard Watercolours





Fumi Fuyushiba






Shirley Sheppard music in clay- hand drawn from original sketches onto porcelain then wood fired





John Egerton - some of the work available















Alan Ball - some of the work available




Kit Hemsley





Jill Christie- some of the work available

Phil Arthur



Steve Tootell







Laura Hancock








Janice Whitby


Terence Bunce


Nick Williams


Elizabeth Bailey - some of the work available









Ken Taylor



Carl Gray

Nichola Hanman


Andrew Harding- some of the work available





Catherine Boygne Whitelegg




Norman Brown


Ank de Roo


George Ormerod


Shirley Sheppard some of the sculptures






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